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Jensen Ackles - VanCon 2014

Jensen Ackles - VanCon 2014


Let’s talk about this!

I want to talk about how fucking perfect Demon!Dean truly is! I mean Jensen does an amazing job playing Demon!Dean without losing Dean Winchester. I believe Dean Winchester is very prominent in this scene. Dean Winchester may have never said those things but I assure you 100% that he thought them. Some point down the line, whenever he was pissed at Sammy or just done with the ‘family business’ I am convinced 100% that Dean Winchester thought every single on of those thoughts.

"Maybe I was just, tired of babysitting you. Or always having to yank your lame ass out of the fire, since…forever?"

The amount of times that Dean has saved Sam is countless. Not just the times he’s saved him directly, but also indirectly. Dean has always saved Sam. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. And I’m convinced completely that Dean Winchester may have felt like he was tired, like he should just let his brother do whatever he wanted. But Dean’s soul wouldn’t let him. 

Dean is finally saying his exact thoughts with all the brutality and none of the filters that Dean Winchester had. That’s what makes this scene very heartbreaking.

"Or maybe, maybe it was the fact that my mother would still be alive, if it wasn’t for you? That your very existence sucked the life out of my life.”

Dean most like thought of this in the back of his mind. Of course he never felt like it was true and he would never say it. But that doesn’t deny the fact that he thought it. When he was pissed or angry. I mean, people think countless horrifying things when they are fucking pissed, and I highly doubt Dean Winchester was an exception. 

And that very last line: “sucked the life out of my life." You can hear the actual pain in Demon!Dean’s voice, you almost feel bad for him, and you actually do. Because this Dean, is letting everything come to the surface, all that pain that Dean Winchester was burying is now being set free and it’s heartbreaking seeing Dean go through all that pain again. For a second time. And it probably hurts worse because Dean Winchester is still in there, that demon is still Dean, whether we like it or not. But this time he’s letting his pain out. Albeit not in the best kind of way, but he’s finally letting it out. 

"Dad? Oh there’s a prize.”

FINALLY! Dean really tells us everything we’ve been hinting at since Season 1. We’ve all known just how much Dean truly hated his father, how much he hated his father for raising them the way he was raised. But of course he would never think twice about the love, devotion, and respect he had towards the man, because back then he was human. But now all that is stripped away. 

Honestly this is so accurate that it’s just very heartbreaking. And I can’t wait for more. I see almost no difference between Demon!Dean and Dean Winchester, and that’s what is making this fucking amazing.

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DallasCon | 2012-2014 [x]


 I didn’t realize that it was Jensen in the first gif…
Then I recognized dem bowlegs
 Theeeeeeeeen my brain went into  WTF mode that it took me so long to figure it out.  [And SQUEEEEEEE mode as well…..]
Then my ovaries exploded. 

10x01, Black

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Guys, Supernatural CLUE boardgame!!!
coming soon!   -  November



Guys, Supernatural CLUE boardgame!!!

coming soon!   -  November

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#SPN10 Countdown Challenge | 1 Days Left - Season 1 ~ Season 9

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2 DAYS to S10!!!



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