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I love how he knows he’ll be back.

Well after so many times you’d think even he would get the message.

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My Dean obsession 

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beginning and end of season nine

just saying

i don’t like you

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Supernatural + alphabet

Inspired by (x)


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s09 meme: colours

➥ red (3/?)

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Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar China Jensen photoshoots

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Dean and Affection: The Heartfelt Hug
1x16 "Shadow" / 2x20 "What Is and What Should Never Be" /
4x01 "Lazarus Rising" / 5x02 "Good God, Y'All" /
5x16 "Dark Side of the Moon" / 5x22 "Swan Song" /
8x01 "We Need to Talk about Kevin" / 8x02 "What's Up Tiger Mommy"/
8x06 "Southern Comfort" / 8x14 "Trial and Error" /
8x20 "Pacman Fever" / 8x23 "Sacrifice"

Let’s talk about Dean and physical contact. Let’s talk about how he craves affection, how he leans into touch and how he - if he hugs someone he deeply cares about - holds on and breathes in and just enjoys to be held. Even if only for a moment, even if only for seconds, even if only for the blink of an eye. Let’s talk about how for that moment the world goes away and everything around disappears, becomes unimportant, how Dean for a tiny moment just is.

Let’s talk about how he rests his chin on the other person’s shoulder, how he - even if only for a second - lets somone help him carry and lift the weight of the world off his shoulders. Let’s talk about how he clutches, how he wraps his hands around the clothes the other person is wearing, how he holds on so tight, always afraid that if he let go just the tiniest bit, they’d slip right through his fingers and vanish into thin air and he’d end up alone.

Yes, let’s talk about all of that and more and then let’s talk about how Dean was never "No chick flick moments" at all, but "Swayze always gets the pass" all along.

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sam + blood (suggested by anna)

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